Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebrating Sweet baby Kade!

Today I was blessed to go spend some time with my sweet friend Jessica and her family, 2 yrs ago today their son Kade went to be with the Lord. They spent the day at Jessica's parents with friends coming and going celebrating the joy Kade brought to their family for the 8 short weeks he was with them. It brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face to see a family rejoicing in the precious moments they had with Kade and how truly blessed they are with family and friends surrounding them on this day. Jessica and Travis have truly been a blessing in our life and we could not imagine it without them and their daughters Macey and Tori.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr. Mom......

#34 Treysen Farmer

Go Bronco's

Riley and Allie!!

Go Orange Juice!

Sassy pants!!

Well for those of you who don't know I had to have a little surgery the week after Jill's wedding so Steve has been....Mom, Dad, Car pool guy, doctor appt maker, bath giver, bedtime story take to school everyday guy!! He snapped a few pictures for me while I've been down and out!! Allie is playing soccer and Treysen is playing football.

Jill and Josh's Wedding fun!!!

Yummy pizza from Drive-in's, diner's and dive's!!

Treysen ate 2 pieces!

Al is always up for striking a pose

Jill and I doing her programs

Charger's garter....

She loved it!!

soon to be Mrs.

Daddy and Sissy playing rock band

Yeah, the girls are here to get us!!

The girls went to pick up Mimi and Papa

Allie was so excited


Mom made a great collage of invites!

Mimi and Allie

As if they didnt have enough going on, Jill and Josh bought their first home!!

1st home

My Sister and I at her new house.

Girls day at the spa...thanks Mom!!

Jill and I ready for our day

Alisha and Jill at La Costa

Jill, Me and Mom......awwww the life!!

The mineral shower was amazing

Hot tubbing!!

Mrs. Halsey to be.....good job Alisha!

Time for Nails and toes

I love girlie day's

Allie went in the bar with Auntie and a guy bought her a drink!!!

Jill, Mike and Dad with their 1/2 yards of beer!!

Jill and I at the Wedding brunch at World Famous!

Mimi, Allie and I, look at the beach behind us!!

Josh, John, Joe and Steve at brunch

Auntie, Al and I

Girls from th AC

My Mom, Dad and Sister!

The kids with cousin Kent and Elizabeth!

The kids and I on the beach

Allie and cousin Elizabeth!
Jackie and Jill stuffed in the back of our car!!

The dress was delivered!!


The bridal party at the rehersal!

Dad walking Jill down the aisle

Jackie, Me and Jill

Auntie and Treysen

Aunt Mindy, Derrald, Cousin Kent and Elizabeth

Jill and I at the rehersal dinner at The Yardhouse!

The bridal party

Our Dad has always spoiled us with little blue boxes from tiffany and Jill got me a necklace with a "n"!!!! Love it!!

My Dad, Me , Jill and Mom!!!

Uncle Josh and Treysen in the Charger's shirt he got him!

Jackie and Jill....Best Friends

Allie curled up with Mimi and went to sleep, she is so sweet when she sleeps!

The Davany/Thrasher's!

The morning of rolling Allie's hair!

Jill and Steve tying bows for the programs!!

Jack, Me and Jill with our coffee....thanks Jack!

A princess in the making!!

The bridal party checkin' out the progress of decorating!!

Papa and Treysen having wedding day breakfast, Steve and Allie went to Cafe'222 from Drive in's, Diners and Dives!!

The bride to be getting ready!

Papa and Treysen looking so handsome!!

"future prom king"

The boys at the bar...pre wedding!

Uncle Josh and Treysen

Awwww Josh sent Jill flowers!!

beautiful girls!

Placing Jill's vail!

My Mom, sister and I....she is so pretty!!

Me and my girl!!

Auntie putting lip gloss on Allie!

Kisses for the bride!

I love her to death!!!

too cute!!

The Halsey's and The Farmer's!!

The I-do's

Allie making her way down the aisle

watching the bride come down the aisle
the bride and groom

My Dad's speech

The cake!

The grooms "Chrager's" cake!!

I love him!!! I can't express how wonderful Steve was during all the Wedding activites. I was gone most of the time doing stuff with Jill, He took the kids to the beach, many meals and was so helpful with whatever we needed help with, from tying bows to getting Treysen all dress in his tux!! Thanks Babe!

Matron of honor and the Best Man....we rocked!

Jackie, Me and Darci.....Footloose!!

Morning after breakfast rubbing in that the Dodger's were headed to the playoffs!

Mommy and I look tired!! My body is not used to functioning on that little sleep!!!