Friday, December 31, 2010

Ice Skating!!!

Since the kids were on winter break I decided that it would be fun to go ice skating. Allie was recently very excited to learn that our cousin Dee-Dee was a professional ice skater. She was dying to try it out. Treysen was not as excited but I have a rule that the kids have to try any new activity at least 3 times before they can say they don't like!! My sweet cousin Christopher was awesome and came with me. He has always had a very special place in my heart since I lived with his family when I was 18 and just moved to Fresno. I would watch him and his brother Kelly on Monday nights while Dee-Dee was in school and Her husband John was in the bay area teaching skating. The boys and I would have dinner together, baths and bed time stories I loved the time I had with the boys. My kids love Christopher to death so they were very happy when he came along to help me and skate with them.

All of us and Treysen's friend Ashton. I love the "skate and spectate at your own risk"

This is the only real picture of Treysen and Ashton because we will just say it was not veryy natural for them on the ice. They were trooper's!!

Christopher and Allie on their first lap!

By the end of their first lap Allie wanted to go "in the middle" AKA away from the wall!

Al loved the ice and was really a natural at it....2020 Olympics here she comes!

Al and I, what fun we had!!

All of us on the ice together!! What a fun winter activity!

Christmas in San Diego!!!

For Christmas this year we traveled to San Diego To Auntie and Uncle Josh's house! We had to best week in San Diego with Josh, Jill, Mimi, Papa, Jenna and Daniel. We had many meals together, Fun nights of playing Wii, The boys all went to the Poinsetta Bowl game. Auntie, Mimi and Allie had a PF Changs date while I got my hair done. On Christmas Eve we went to Coronado Island. We walked on the beach, played tag and found sea shells. We had lunch at a cute italian restaurant. Jill made a yummy Dinner that night and then we went Christmas caroling in Jill's neighborhood. We even caroled to Kendra Wilkinson's Mom and Grandma's house. Allie and Treysen left yummy treats for Santa and the reindeer. The kids didnt get up till 7am which was nice. Christmas night more family and friends joined us for another great dinner that my sister made. The next day we all vegged out, watched football, ran a few errands, watched movies and enjoyed our last day together. We were very sad to head home but ready for our trip soon!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Lev's Christmas party......

Our friends Layne and Melissa had a wonderful Christmas party. We had great food, yummy drinks, fun with friends and some dancing too!! Thanks Lev's for a fun night even though mine ended a little early!!

Layne and his yummy peppermint and cream shots

Us and the Thomas'

Danielle and I enjoying our skinny girl margarita's

Nanita(my hair stylist) and I

Heather and I are patron buddies!

Another please!!

The girls....

My sweet friends...Nanita and Alli

My hot hubby and I

Alli and I

Cym and I...I think I was drink water now!!

Us girls dancing the night away....

Oh geez...that is water in my hand!!