Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best of 2010 dinner party...

Our friends the Lev's invited us and some friends over to have a diiner party. The theme was "the best" meaning bring the best dish you make, many of our hubbies were the chef's which was fun too!!! We had so much fun, the food was absolutly amazing and the company was the best. Cant wait till "the best of 2011"!!

Nanita, Me. Allie, Melissa and the men in the kitchen behind us!!

All the men...Steve, Eric, Layne, Chris and Will

Chris Jones famous ribs....

The Gordon's yummy bread

Layne's shrimp and grits, they were sooo good!!

Our gourmet Mac n Cheese....pepper jack cheese sauce, sauted mushrooms, onions and crisp bacon topped with italian bread crumbs

Of course so great vino!

Danielle's Kahula Cake

Will's banana foster

Happy 30th Ryan!!

Aaron, Ryan, Ken and Steve at Campagnia

Me, Ryan, and Cym.....we have his back when the boys are mean to him!!

Me, Cym , Sam and Liza at Dinner

Ryan thought because it was his birthday he could just take the painting he wanted...kinda like a party favor!!

Our very good friend Ryan turned he big 3-0 on Friday. A bunch of his friends and family got together to celebrate. We started with a delicious dinner at Campagnia, then headed to The Standard for so more drinks. Cym, Ryan F. and I are totally gonna submit him for the next The Bachelor. He is a great guy, love to travel, great job and most of all the best family.....Love ya Ryan!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Globetrotter's Game.....

The Harlem Globetrotter's

Treysen was soooo excited!!

The girls attacked Bradly and Jennifer

Cherie, Jessica and them!

Group shot
We were so blessed to be able to join our friends the Smittcamps in their box to see the Globetrotter's game. Treysen watched The Amazing Race with Steve and I this year and we all loved Flight Time and Big Easy who played for the Globetrotter's and competed in The Amazing Race. When Treysen heard they were coming he really wanted to go but we never got ticket. The morning of the game Cherie called and said that we could join them along with her sister, bother in law and our sweet friends the Visser's. What a blast thanks Blake and Cherie!

Football Awards....

After a huge commitment to football this year, Treysen finally had his awards. His coach said what a polite and respectful kid he was. He was always willing to do what ever they asked without hesitation. He also said he never missed a day of practice, Treysen turned and said yes I did, my Aunt got married!! I love my boys honesty!!

Treysen with Coach Kyle

All the football buddies

My baby got a BIG girl haircut!!

So Allie first asked in September if she could cut her hair and I told her after Auntie and Uncle Joshy's wedding, well she never asked again. On Thanksgiving she asked again and I said after Christmas pictures, again she never said a word. Then after her surgery her hair was all caught in her bandages and she asked again, Steve jumped on it and said absolutly quicker than I could come up with an excuse why it was not a good time. So I called my girlfriend Meadow and made her an appt for her "BIG" girl haircut. She LOVES it!!

She was so excited!!

What beautiful hair she had...

She got her hair washed like a big girl...

Getting ready for the first cut!!

OMG, I had tears:(

Allie and Meadow with her cute new haircut!!

Allie's playdate.....

Treysen had been invited to go to a friends house and Allie was once again so sad because she wanted to have a playdate. I asked who she would like to play with, she said "Colby Villard!!" I said ok I'll dial and you ask if he can play. As it turns out, they were coming to the McDonalds over by us, so we had our playdate there. Who knew McDonalds had such good hot chocolate!!

Celebrating with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Tiffany

Grandma Tiffany, Grandpa Jim and the kids

Allie showing off her Christmas goodies!! WOW, look at those eyes...Grandma Tiffany's camera rocks!!

Treysen checking out the cool kite he got!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas with Grammie, Grandpa Jerry, Uncle Jim, Aunt Shannon, Caleb and Jonah

Our nephew Caleb told me what he wanted and even what shelf it was on at Target!!

Our sweet nephew Jonah told me he wanted a Buzz Lightyear jacket. I asked my sister-in-law if that was true and she said he had never mentioned it before. So over the next week or so i would call and ask him again and he kept saying the same thing so he got it!!

Treysen got a Hardy Boys DS game

Allie got a jewelry making kit!!!! We can make the whole block braclets and a necklace!!

New Years Eve Night!!

Gosh, how New Years Eve has changed.....We went out to pizza with a bunch of friends. 10 adults and 13 kids to be exact!! Then we headed over to the Cortes to hang out. The boys watched some of the TV events the girls enjoyed some time to catch up and the kids had a ball decorating cookies!! Happy 2010!!

New Years Eve day, date with friends!

My girlfriend Nanita and I decided since both our hubbies worked on New Years Eve to take the kids on a "date" We went to see Alvin And The Chipmunks..The Squeakquel! It was so cute the kids loved it and Allie lived up to her reputation of being a movie crier!!! After we took the kids to Red Robin for lunch. What a fun day with the Jones'!

Christmas Morning and Day....

This year was turned upside down when we found out that Allie needed to have surgery on the 23rd of December. We were planning on going down to San Diego to spend Christmas with my family at my sister and brother-in-laws. Instead they all came here to spend Christmas with us!! It is so fun to watch the kids wake up and come out to see what Santa left for them. Treysen's highlight was 2009 NFL draft cards, and Allie's was her Hello Kitty gumball machine. Steve totally surprised me with a new pair of black Uggs and Steve's favorite gift was the food processor that my parents got him. He really has become quite the chef. We had a great day opening presents, eating yummy food, drinking great wine and playing many rounds of Apples to Apples!!