Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blake's surprise 30th....MJ style!!

Our friend Blake turned 30 so his wife Cherie had a big surprise Michael Jackson themed birthday party. Blake is a die hard MJ fan and it was a blast!!!

Jesse was so creative with his MJ costume!!

Us and the Patricio's

Jesse had the most creative costume but his wife Allie's is who I liked the best, she was MJ's "doctor"

The Boys

Ash, Cherie, Jess and I totally 80's out!!

Aubrey Rose's St. Patrick's Day Birthday

Our friends the Smittcamps daughter Aubrey Rose was born on St. Patricks Day and what better way to celebrate than a Green party!! We had a blast and our kiddos slept great!

Aubrey Rose and Cherie getting ready to blow out her candle!

Gotta wear green so you don't get a pinch!

My three sweet girls friends Jess, Cherie and Ash with all of our girls. Treysen is the only boy....maybe the Visser baby will bring that to two?!?!

Peyton, Macey and Allie going down the slide then pose for a cute picture!

Group shot...WOW look at all that green!!

Papa's Birthday!

My family was all here for Treysen's Birthday party so my sister thought it would be a great idea to get my Dad a cake and celebrate his Birthday too!! I got an amazing cake from Eddie's bakery and we pulled out some trick candles for fun. Happy Birthday Dad!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Treysen's "Amazing Race" Birthday Party!

So for Treysen's Birthday party this year, he had an "Amazing Race". My sister and brother-in-law were awesome and came up to be the team captains/drivers. This race sent them all over Fresno and Clovis. They did things from knocking on doors to find a clue to riding a carosel while counting the fence pickets, to ice cream, to the batting cages, to a mean game of botchy ball and racing to the pizza pit stop. It was a good time for all!! A big thanks to Mimi and Papa who helped Steve and I throughout the race. The Villard's came and joined us for pizza too!! Thanks everyone for making my boy's birthday so special!!

Family Birthday Dinner!

On the first of March Treysen turned 9...WOW! It is crazy to Steve and I the our oldest is 9, one year away from double digits!! We always have birthday dinner with Steve's family on all of our birthday's, the birthday boy got to pick so we headed to Red Robin!! Grammie, Uncle Jim, Aunt Shanonn, Caleb, Jonah and an extra speical surprise was Mimi and Papa!! My Dad called that morning and said "Mom and I were think about driving down for dinner to surprise Treysen" I was thrilled and so was he!! We had a blast!

Mimi and Papa got him a $100 gift certificate to Mossetti's card shop....can you tell he was thrilled??

Grammie and Grandpa Jerry got him some basketball cards he picked out!

Birthday sundae...Yummy

Grammie with all the grandkids!

Mimi and Papa with the kids

Peyton turns 1!!

Our good friends the Patricio's daughter Peyton turned 1 and they had a big bash. Yummy food and great friends on a beautiful day!

Cutest cake ever!

Peyton went to town on her cupcake...YUMMY!

Miss Macey with frosting face!!

Allie and Aubrey Rose

The girls getting some sun!!