Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easter 2011

I don't have many picture's from Easter but we spent the day at Steve's Mom's. It was great after our families year it was so much fun to celebrate together! The cousins had a blast and of course we ended the day with egg baseball!!!

Spring break in San Diego!

This year during spring break Steve had a conference in San about perfect timing!! We all packed up and headed down. My sister was also on Spring break so it was perfect! We BBQ'd, Went to a great children's mueseum, hit the beach, Steve, T and My Brother in law went to a Padres game, My Sis and I did some shopping and had a great week. I love going down there but it is so hard to leave!

The Hotel where we stayed is also the hotel that the visiting teams playing the Padres stay. My son who knows every player in the MLB wheather the play for our dear Dodgers or not...spotted Roy Halliday crossing the street while we were waiting for our car. I asked who he was...he told me he is a three time sy young winner, makes 20 million a year and will be in the hall of fame. I had the ball from the night before in my purse so with ball in hand he walked up and said "Mr. Halliday may I please have you autograph?" He said yes and told Treysen how polite he was!(Proud Mommy moment)T was so happy!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Date with my Dad

In early April my Dad took me to San Francisco to see a Giants vs. Dodgers game. We are huge Dodgers fans so I was really excited to go. We went to san Francisco early so we could head to pier 39 for the grilled salmon on a bun!! Then we headed over to the stadium. A girlfriend I grew up with works for the Giants and hooked us up with club level passes, it was great.

This was the first Giants/Dodgers series after the Bryan Stow incedent. Both teams took the field together. Jamie Carroll from the Dodgers and Jeremy Affeldt addressed the crowd. They both explained that baseball is one of America's greatest past times and rivalry is what makes the game fun, however that stressed that that rivalry stays on the field. They said that we all have the right to root for Orange and Black or Blue and White but violence should NEVER be involved. There wasn't a dry eye in the house!! I was so glad to get to be there and see the unity between the two teams after such a horrible incendent.


It's official, I've finally been to Vegas!! A few weeks ago we headed to the City that truly NEVER sleeps with the greatest friends. FYI....There will be lots of picture's on this post!! The majorioty of the girls left on Thurday to enjoy a girls night out while the rest of the gang came out on Friday.

My first view of the Strip at night....

My home away from home was the Sex In The City Slot machine!!!

Dancing the night away at Coyote Ugly with Jen and Cym...

What's Vegas without Jager, Patron, and a Butterball shot??

The closest I've been to NYC....I had to make the most of it!

2:30 am snack......who knew a hot dog could be so good..

View from out room....

3am senior picture session to make DJ proud!!

Jen and I endured the crazy line and insane security check to go to one of the hottest pool parties in Vegas called Wet Republic. We had a blast!

Cym and I went out to greet the guys as the arrived after there long drive!

No offense to the rest of the world but I do have the BEST sister in the world!! She, My brither-in-law and my niece sent me a bottle of Champagne to celebrate my birthday as well as my first trip to Vegas!

On Friday night we had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe in our hotel because we were going to Studio 54 that night.

WOW...Surprise Alli had a cake made for Ken and I to celebrate our Birthday's!!! So thoughtful!! The cake was amazing, checkout the detail!

Fondant Martini....YES please!!

Alli and I after dinner and her amazing cake!!! Thanks friend for your thoughtfulness!

We danced the night away at the club in our hotel, Studio much fun but my feet hurt!!!

Melissa, Cym and I headed off to shop and eat at Serendipity on Saturday afternoon! We rode the Monorail because I wanted to experience EVERYTHING! I totally LOVED my first ever frozen hot chocolate and shopping with these two!

Saturday night we went to dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris. I dont have the group picture of all of us but the food was amazing and I will go back for sure. After dinner we all kinda split up. Some went to gamble, Some went to a club, and myself and Cym went exploring. I wanted to see other hotels, shops, and the Bellagio water show. Fun evening!!

Steve and I had heard of this breakfast place called Hash House A Go Go, so Sunday Morning a few of us headed there. Huge portions and amazing food!!

Sunday night The Dyck's, Thomas', and us headed to The Mirage to see Cirque Du Soleil, Love. The show that's about the Beatles with their music. It was great...although I was a little worried we may be witnessing some of the performer's death's because the stunts they do with no harnesses are crazy!! Vegas was amazing and I am already ready to go back!!!

Monday was my actualy Birthday so the Dyck's and us hit Serendipity again because I loved it!!

I came home to gifts and a cake made by the kids...