Friday, September 9, 2011

God gave Allie a sweet new friend!

So last year was soooo very hard for us in the friend department for Allie. She has a HUGE heart but is so easily influenced by peer pressure, I dont mean extreme but ""I'll be your friend if you do this or play with this person" Steve and I have prayed and prayed the God would provide friends that were sweet and accepted Allie for who she is not what they want her to be! We are so happy that Allie has made some new friends this year and they are so sweet. This is Jenna. She is new to Mountain View and the sweetest little girl!! The first say we had her over they went and played Barbie's for 2 hours and I never heard a peep out of them! I never had to be the ref and never even heard arguing!! They have had numerous play date's and Allie even got to sleepover at Jenna's last weekend! Can't wait to watch this little friendship grow!!

American Girl....for our american girl!!

This was our first trip to the American Girl Store in LA and our sweet girl's very first American Girl doll!! She was so excited. She got a doll who looks just like her....Caramel hair, Blue eyes and tan skin as Allie says! Her name is Haley!(It's changed a couple times!) Allie loved shopping for her clothes and accessories. Of course she also had her ears pierced!! After our big $$$$ shopping trip we had lunch at one of her favorite places Cheesecake Factory, then headed to Sprinkle's cupcakes which is a must when we are down south...last we hit Coffee Bean then the road!! When we got home we had one last surprise for our girl...She had really wanted matching clothes to her doll. Well on her bed when we got home was matching jammies for her and Haley...slippers and all!!! That was a incredible family trip...can't wait for the next one!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 2...California Adventure, Club 33 and World of Color!

Day 2...This was such a fun trip!! Day 2 we met the Thomas' at California Adventure to get our Color of Wonder fast passes early! Then we hit the ride's there!! First up was the roller coaster California Screamin' Steve, Treysen, Allie, Ken, Cym and Emma all went...Riley and I watched!! In the pic's you can just see the top of Allie's bow! Everyone liked it but Allie said she didn't need to do it again! This pic of the roller coaster upside down is them...their the last three rows!!
After fun on the rides we were so lucky to be able to have lunch at Club 33. It's an exclusive club in Disneyland with the most amazing food you will EVER have!! Thanks Heinrich's for the hook up! The rest of the day was pretty much for Character/princess stalking!! Allie was so happy and totally in her element! Then at night we experienced Color of Wonders!! So fun...our sweet girl was out with her baby Minnie when her head hit the pillow!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Allie's Birthday trip to Disneyland-Day 1

This year instead of a birthday party Allie choose to go to Disneyland and American Girl! This is Day 1 of Disneyland!! Our good friends the Thomas' went as well. Their Daughter Emma's birthday was on Day 1 and Cym was running in the half marathon on Sunday through Disneyland! We had so much fun. There were no lines at all and the kids loved having friends their to hangout with and so did Steve and I!! The picture's will explain themselves. I will just mention for the first time all four of us rode every ride except California Screamin', (which I did not) ride together!! It was great, their was some they LOVED and some they didn't need to do again but a great family time with great friends!!