Thursday, June 6, 2013

Andrew Broxton has arrived!!

Last Monday morning I flew from Fresno to San Diego bright & early because my sister was being induced!! I was so excited I could not sleep even though my alarm was going to go off at 4:15am. I got to SD, Mimi & Papa picked me up and we headed to the hospital. In the time I was up in the air, Jill got an epidural. She was in great spirits. Josh was so excited for the process to get going too & he was also very happy to see Jill more comfortable! My sister was so amazing. She had a realitivly smooth labor...she progressed quickly and baby Andrew looked great! My poor sister pushed for 4 hours & 15 minutes!!! YES, 4 hours and 15 minutes...Crazy but she was so strong and didnt give up! Josh was the best support for her and her biggest cheerleader! The people next door must have thought he was watching the NBA playoff game and cheering them on! Andrew Broxton Halsey was born on May 27 at 9:03 pm!! He weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches!! He is perfect in every way! I could not be more happy for my sister and brother-in-law!!! It was so fun snuggling with him! We also did a little photo shoot action while they were still in the hospital!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My surprise birthday lunch!

On May 7th my girlfriend Sabrina had invited me to go to lunch for my birthday! We decided to go to Max's, one of my favorite lunch places. She said she wanted to do it before my birthday because of my sister being due a week after my birthday. She didnt want me to be gone early and not get to celebrate. I walked in to meet her and was looking down at my phone, much to my shock when I looked up was 6 of my sweet friends!! I was shocked! One of my closes friends Danielle and Sabrina worked together to set up this sweet lunch! Danielle moved to Corona Del Mar in Feb, so I was really shocked to see her standing there. It meant the world to me that Sabrina and Danielle set this up. It was a wonderful afternoon full of friends, great food and blueberry martinis!! My girlfriend Alli had just had twins weeks prior and my friend Nanita has a busy work schedule so the fact that they took time out of their busy schedules to spend this special time with me meant a lot! The very best thing I got out of working For Omni for 3 years was my friend Jessica!! She is the sweetest, most caring, down to earth girl and I couldn't have been happier that she used her lunch hour to come!! These girls know me well and for dessert they had Dodgers cookies made!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day in the city & game 2!

We slept in after a fun, late night! Then we met Pat & Keri at Mama's for breakfast. Mama's is a yummy breakfast place in the city that we love. The downfall is you have to wait in line, we waited for an hour and forty minutes.It was well worth the wait. Then we headed to some of the Machado's friends place because they were celebrating a birthday before the game. After that we headed to our hotel to get ready for game 2! Then we headed to the Park. We got to the game earlier so we could see the Dodgers warm up. I love seeing them in person! The first 3 innings were painful...I asked Steve many times if we could leave. Then the game turned into a a close battle, which ended with another walk off homerun by the Giants:-( Oh well, it was a fun weekend!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dodgers, San Francisco & good friends!

Last weekend we headed to San Francisco to take in a few Dodgers vs. Giants games with some good friends! Steve and I got to the city, checked into our hotel, changed into our Dodgers gear and headed out! I love that you can never use your car while staying in SF. I love walking everywhere! My high school friend Joe works at a bar a few blocks from the Park so our first stop was there. He treated us very nice, we sampled all their homemade beers, had yummy apps & I had the best sangria I had ever had!! Pat & Keri met us at the game which was a great game...except the walk off homerun in the 9th by the Giants. Hanley Ramierz "I see you"! As we were leaving the Park I said to Steve that I wanted to wait by the Dodgers exit, hoping I could get a picture or two of some of our boys in blue. He smiled and said you tell Pat & Keri. I did and they were all cool. I waited by the gate as they stood 30 feet away, HA! As I was standing there I started talking to the guy next to me. He was saying he was impressed by my Dodgers attire in a "rough" city, as he was saying it I recognized him. It was Ned Colletti, The Dodgers general manager! I asked him for a picture before he left and he graciously said of course for my Dodgers fan in SF! After that Steve and the Machados were ready and said let's go. As I turned to walk toward them a group of 5 guys came out the main exit that we had just come out of after the game. It caught my eye because in SF everyone wears Giants gear to the games and then you have a few specs of Dodgers fans, well these guys were in Nice shirts and jeans. Our paths crossed as I was walking to Steve and I looked one of the guys square in the eye, It was Clayton Kershaw!!! I quickly, touched his arm and asked for a picture with him. He said he wasn't allowed to and that he was sorry, all with a HUGE smile on his face. I was in shock..the was Kershaw and I just talked to him! I waved Steve and the Machados over very fast as I started walking behind the Kershaw gang. When they got to me I told them it was Kershaw. Steve did not believe me unitl a guy next to him confirmed it!! I wanted to at least get a snap whot of him walking to show the kids, so we all contuined walking behind them. Keri then started talking to one of the guys with him. She told him how big of a fan I was and how we got last minute so we could see him pitch. After two more blocks Kershaw turned and said he'd take a picture. He explained that it had to be a group shot because their ball club doesnt let them take one on one pictures with girl. I total respect that! He said don't worry you'll be able to crop it!! I was a happy baseball loving girl!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

Mornings are sometimes rough around here. Not sure if we are the only family with this issue but it's a tough somethimes I treat the kids to Jamba to break up the morning gumpiness!! Two happy kiddos in this oicture!

The Dyck twins have arrived!!

On April 9th our sweet friends Will and Allison expanded their family from 3 to 5!! The next morning Sabrina and I went to meet them! They were so sweet and cuter than can be. Breitlyn & Brielle are so precious and we can't wait to watch them grow!!

Dodgers opening day

On opening day for the Dodgers, the kids didn't have school!! We invited our friends the Machado's over to have pizza and watch the game. The opening series was Dodgers vs. Giants, they are big Giants fans. It was a pretty boring game until the bottom of the 8th inning and our starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw came up to bat...He swung and the first pitch & hit his first career HOMERUN!! The score was 1-0 Dodgers, thanks to our oitcher that threw a complete game and hit the go ahead hoemrun!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To Auntie and Uncle Joshs we go...

After spending the weekend with the Gordonswe headed to San Diego! Auntie and Uncle Josh made a yummy dinner on Sunday night and we all just chilled! It was so nice spending time with them. Monday we went into PB to have Woodstocks for lunch, then went bowling!! It was so much fun!! Loved being there this last time before my sister becomes a Mom!! Steve, T and I headed home on Tuesday because I had't been feeling good. Allie stayed an extra day with them. check out their day of fun with Mimi & Papa here

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trip to see the Gordons!

Last Friday the kids got out for spring break. We packed up and headed to Corona Del Mar to visit our good friends the Gordons! We were so excited to see them! Saturday morning when we got up I was met in the hallway with the best hug from Sammy! The guys headed to Coffee Bean to pick up coffee for all of us, then we just sat around for a bit, Catching up, kids happily playing and enjoying the great view! Then we packed up and headed to Crystal Cove in Newport. The kids played on the beach while we waited for a table for lunch. After we got back Danielle and I got to sneak away for a bit to get a pedicure. It was so nice but did make me miss having her in Fresno a little more. That evening The Gordons got a sitter for all the kids so we could go out. We headed to Fashion Island Mall...AMAZING!!Not to mention they had a Victoria Secret Pink store that had two whole walls of Dodgers stuff!! Danielle and I saw Grethen and Slade from The Real Housewives of the OC! Then we headed to Bandera for a yummy dinner!! Some much fun as always with The Gordons!! By the way if anyone knows why blogger is so messed up please call me! I can't type between my pictures and when I upload they don't upload in any sort of order!!" imageanchor="1" >