Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Treysen's winter league basketball

Treysen spent the last two months playing in a winter basketball league in Visalia. He loved every minute of it and really improved his game. They won and tournament and the entire winter league overall!! After his last game on Sunday we headed into Hanford to celebrate at Superior Dairy with some ice cream!! We are so proud of Treysen!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

second night in Jackson...

After we got back from skiing we headed to the Stathos'! Angel is a very special good friend of mine. It was so nice to catch up and watch our girls(who are the same age) play. You would have they knew each other forever!! They are planning their next get together! Monday moring I came downstairs to one of Angel & Yesh's sons and the girls all on one chair playing The Game of Life on the Ipad. Angel made us a yummy breakfast and then we headed home!! What a fun weekend for me and my girl!

Allie and my ski trip!!

Last weekend Allie and I headed up to my hometown for a weekend of fun! We went to one of my best friends house Saturday night. Justin has three precious kids, we took two of the three out to pizza and then home to get to sleep for our big day. Sunday morning we got up EARLY and headed up to Kirkwood to ski for the day with our girls. Allie and Jasey are about 10 months apart and are great little friends. We put the girls in a half day lesson so that we could get out and ski a bit ourselves. WE hadn't skied together since 1995, I had told Justin I wasn't how I used to be and to be patient with me. After one trip down the hill he told he that I scared him but I was totally the same as I was way back when we used to hit the slpoes. We picked up the girls at 1:00 and Allie was in tears asking to go home, I was shocked because she loves to ski. During lunch Justin totally bribed her to say that she would try the lift one time. WEll, I was so nervous to get her on the lift but more so to get her off the lift and both of us not fall...as soon as she sat on that lift I knew she was hooked, The first few times down the hill the girls took a few falls but after that they were halfway down the hill before Justin and I would catch up to them. The girls even road the lift all by themselves...I was so scared but they did well and were so proud of themselves. It was such a fun day, can't wait to go again soon!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

sweet friends..

Yesterday our friends the Gordon's moved. Steve has been friends with Eric & Danielle since high school and I met them about 10 years ago. The first night I met them I remember Danielle asking where I was from and When I told her Sutter Creek say responded with I grew up going there! To be honest, I thought she was lying to make me feel better. After getting to know her I found out she's a Boitano and she really did grow up there! As a married couple I feel that it's kinda rare to have couple relationships that just work. Eric, Steve, Danielle and I just work!! We all can hang out and just chill with our kids or go out the four of us for nice dinners. Our kids adored Eric and Danielle. And even though our kids age differances are large, they loved each other and looked forward to spending time with them often. We love them and are so sad they are gone. This is a great new adventure for them but we know that there will be many visits and lots of facetime in our future! This Picture is Danielle and I yesterday morning with the moving truck in the background..... And then I had to get the kids some Valentine treats to send them off with!! Sammy and I thought we needed a silly picture too!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Skiing with my baby girl

An hour and thirteen minutes is all it takes to get up to the ski resort by our house....so Allie and I packed up last Sunday and went up for the day! The Weather was beautiful. Allie did awesome. I didn't put her in a lesson that day instead I worked with her myself. She did really well with the occasional "I'm not doing well" Love that my sweet girl and I will share this sport!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Granite Ridge...

Last Monday Treysen went to Grantie Ridge for junior high orientation. It's crazy to think he will be in junior high next year and graduate from high school in 2019!!! Love this boy who's growing up way to fast!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Last night we went to dinner with the Dyck's and the Eastom's. Sabrina picked Guiseppe's Gallo on Willow and Nees. It was AMAZING!!! The best italian food I've had in a while!

Mimi & Allie's day out!

As soon as my Mom saw that Disney on Ice was coming to Fresno she called to say that she wanted to take Allie! The day was yesterday and they had a great time!! Thanks Mimi for taking Allie to the show and spoiling her!