Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, Treysen!!

Wow it is hard to believe that 9 years ago today I was in labor, waiting to meet our precious son. He has brought us so much joy and has given me a taste of "boy" things. Treysen is the most kind hearted boy who truly cares about everyone around him. He is the best big brother, and a complete sports nut!!! We love you sweet boy, Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spending the day with Tiff and Gwyn!!

Last Monday I got to go to the hospital with my good friend Tiff to visit her sweet daughter Gwyn who is in the NICU!! I was so happy to watch my sweet friend with her little girl. We chit-chatted while Gwyn just snozzed on Tiff's chest. I have to say it brought back all the overwhelming emotions of when we had Allie and she was in the NICU at Childrens Hospital. I am so thankful the we have such and amazing hospital in our town!! Farmer loves you Gwyn!!!

Lil' Bronco's basketball

Treysen is a sports-a-holic!! Needless to say he loved basketball season and got "player of the game" last week!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Owen's Pizza Party

It was Owen's Birthday and he loves pizza so his party was at Me N Eds....all the kids go to make their own pizza's. They had a ball!! The last picture in this post is Allie and her friend Cameron from pre-school last year. She loves Cameron and still talks about him all the time so when he was at the party she was so excited!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brad Paisley Concert

Our sweet friends the Smittcamps invited us to the Brad Paisley concert Thursday night. We met the Patricio's and Visser's for dinner at Claim Jumper first then it was off to the concert. Brad put on an amazing show, We had so much fun but missed Blake!!!

Ash, Jess, Me, and Cherie

All the boys took good care of Cherie while Blake was at the Laker game...

The cutest preggo carrying the youngest Brad Paisley fan

Jess's new sassy boots

The Patricio's

Valentine cookies....

After all our craziness last weekend I spent a little girl time making Valentine cookies with Allie!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kinder-Bear had a sleepover...

On Thursday, Allie got to bring Kinder-Bear home for the night. In kindergarten this is a bear that goes home with a differant child every night and then the kids journal about what they did with Kinder-Bear!! Allie did an great job writing in the journal and even slept with Kinder-Bear so she would no be scared!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Villard's crazy 8 days....

This post is gonna tell quite a story.....On Friday Feb. 5th I got a call at 6am for my good friend Tiff saying she was going to the hospital because she was having some pregnancy complications. After getting settled in, her Doctor informed her that she was most likely going to be in the hospital for the duration of her pregnancy. At that point she recieved lots of "trash" magazine.....

She was not allowed to eat for the first 24 hours she was there because she was not stable enough for her Doctor to know without a doubt the she would not need a C-section right away. But once she was given the green light to eat we had Cheesecake Factory with the best piece of cheesecake:)

On Friday after I picked up Allie from school we headed over to the hospital to pick up Colby, the Villards oldest son. We had the best day. First we went to have pizza and played lots of games. Then we went to Grammie's house so that Colby could pick some flower's for his Mommy. ( it was all his idea, so sweet)Then we headed back to our house for the kids to play. Such a fun time!!

So at 7:23 Saturday morning I recieved a frantic call from Tiff, she just said "Farmer get here now, this is it" I threw on clothes and was out the door in less than a minute. Got the the corner and Steve called and said to come back because the Villards needed our camera. When I got to the hospital the door was wide open so I knew that this was truly "IT" God is good, Tiff's Doc was out of town and Dr. Mason was the doctor on-call. I knew at that point that she was in the best hands as he is my personal doctor. Kev was a rock, totally there for Tiff and trying to get everything done that needed to be. He was so concerned about his wife and baby but remained so calm. The picture below is Tiff and I killin' time in the OR....

It's a GIRL!!! Gwyn was born at 8:04 am 3 lbs. 14 oz. 17 in.

Sunday afternoon Tiff and Kev got a pass to go out to visit her sweet little girl for an hour.....Congrat's Villard's we love you!!!

Our 1st Father/Daughter Dance!!!

Oh my goodness, when Allie came home with the flyer about the Father/Daughter dance she was over the moon. She called Steve as we were walking out to the parking lots and said "Daddy, will you be my date for the Father/Daughter Dance??" It totally melted Steve's heart and mine!!

Steve bought Allie a pink rose to start their date of right and show her just how a girl should be treated...

All ready to go.....

Al and Steve st the she not the cutest thing and sooo happy to be there!

Allie danced the night away and was quite the social butterfly....just like her Mama!


Last week I was able to sneak away one evening for some much needed girl time. Ash, Cherie, Jess and I met at Cheesecake Factory for some great food and some time to catch up. I am truly blessed by these girls and love our time together.

Happy Valentine's day.....

Happy Valentine's Day from Allie and CoCo!! I have not posted a picture of CoCo in a while and thought this was too cute to share!!

After party, sleep over...

After the big Super Bowl party, the party continued till just shy of midnight at our house!! Treysen had his buddy Riley sleep over and Allie had Emma and Riley sleep over. The boys started watching a movie at 10:30 and fell right to sleep. The girls however watched their whole entire movie and the giggles just kept coming. i think they were all so excited they just couldn't fall asleep. The next morning Steve made his famous chocolate chip pancakes. The boys headed outside to play and the girls got there nails done!!(nail art and all)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rib cook-off/Super Bowl Party!!

A few weeks ago when we were out for a friends birthday the guys dreamed up the idea of having a rib cook-off, since Super Bowl was right around the corner the two things were combine for a great night with great friends.

Me, Cymblynne, and Liza after yummy food enjoying!!

Allie and Emma.....look out Radio City Rockettes, she is getting ready!!

All the girls playing dress up, I feel bad for the Thomas' play room!!!

The girls even got Treysen to cave and play with them a bit!!