Sunday, December 20, 2009

We have a new addition!!

During Thanksgiving we found a lost dog that our kids fell in love with. The owners came to pick her up and the kids were so sad and said they wanted a dog for Christmas and would give up all there presents for a dog. After much thought Steve and I decided it was time to grate that wish. We looked for week till we found our new addition, CoCo. Needless to say since we adopted her from the pound we could not wait till Christams. So Christmas came early for our kids this year!!

Girls trip take 2 with the little girls too!

After our girls trip last week I got Allie some adorable stuff from Gymboree. I got home and tired it all on her and some of it didn't fit. So Alli and I decided to go again and take our girls with us this time. We left right after Allie's school Party and headed to Visalia to have lunch with Melanie and pick up our amazing carmel chocolate toffee apples from her. Then we trucked on the the outlets. The girls were troopers!!

Me, Allison, Allie and Ashlyn!!

How cute are these girls, shopping in stroller's is the life!!

At lunch the girls were snuggling!!

Allie's class Christmas party

Last Wednesday was Allie's Kindergarten Christmas party. It was so fun, I love watching her interact with her classmates.

Allie and I at the Letter's to Santa table!

Allie, Jimmy and Cayleigh....Jimmy was shy with both girls!

Allie and Cayleigh

Julianna, Allie and Katrina eating their funn Holiday treats!!

Girls day trip!!

So, our friend Melaine was in Tiny Tim's Christmas so we used this to have a fun girls day! We started the day off with wine at my house, then loaded in the car to go to the Tulare outlets, then to Visalia for a tour of Allison's home town, yummy dinner at the Vintage Press or as locals call it the VP and then off to see our friend the celebrity!! What a great day with friends, every girl needs that once in a while!

Alli, Lisa, Nanita and I at the Vintage Press having dinner and drinks after great shopping!!

So while Alli and Lisa were in the bathroom, Nanita and I made friends with the table next to us and shared their AMAZING dessert platter!! The girls were mortified when they came back!!

Mrs. Mullens is so famous that people stop her in Costco and recognize her, if you want an autograph, FYI she has her own pen!!

Lisa, Nanita, "the star, Mel", Alli and I!!!

We took the party back to the VP after so Mel could join us for a drink since she missed out on the pre-party!! What a fun day!

Mimi's visit

We are so blessed my my parent's involment in our children's lives even with the handicapp of them living 3 hours away. Both kids had their Christmas program's in one week. On Tuesday my Mom and Dad drove down after work to be here for 20 min to see Treysen's program and turn around and drove back home. On Thursday my Mom came down for Allie's program, my Dad was working in Red Bluff that day so he was not going to make it...or so we thought. Right before Allie's show someone said "your Dad is standing in the back" I said "No, he's in Red Bluff"......much to our surprise my Dad drove 6 1/2 hours so he didn't miss Allie's first Christmas program. After we all had dinner at Pick up Stix. My Dad drove back home but my Mom stayed the night some she could spend some time with the kids!! We love you Mimi and Papa!

Treysen, Mimi, and I went to Starbucks after dropping Allie off at school. Treysen had a dentist appt so he was going late!

For those of you who don't know my Mom is a kindergarten teacher, so she loves helping in the kids classes when she can. She work in Allie's class that day!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O' Christmas Tree......

Every year when we decorate our tree, we take the kids and let them pick out a new ornament. This year was no differant, Treysen picked a blinged out "T" and Allie picked a Hannah Montana guitar. We had pizza and homemade chocolate chip cookies while we trimmed our tree with Christmas music in the background!! I love traditions!!

Old Friends......

Last Sunday my friend Justin, his girlfriend Angela and there precious little girl Jasey came through Fresno on their way home from Disneyland and we got to have lunch and catch up. Our girls our about 10 months apart and quickly got to be friends!! I wish they lived closer but it was so nice to see them. When you see old friends that you have known all you life it kind of just makes you feel at home. Thanks for making time for us Emerson's!!

Alllie and Jasey(who is usally too shy for pictures but my child said she would give her gum!!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Family Picture's 2009

So last Friday we went out to take family pictures with our friend and most amazing photography DJ. We did Steve's whole family....his Mom wanted some family pictures of all of us so we went out to a field off Old Friant Road and played around. I have not seen the pictures but I'm sure there are some killer shots. We ran out of light by the time it was our families turn and truth be told we also ran out of patients....mainly the kids, so DJ agreed to meet us out at the same spot the next day to do our family. That is why we love him!! Check out his blog if you get a chance, he's is amazing....La Bella Vita Photography

Steve helping DJ get his camera settings right!!

Me trying to be like DJ.....never gonna happen but I thought watching them was funny and I shot into the sun!!(that's the right lingo I think)

Colby's 5th birthday!!

Happy 5th birthday Colby!!

Mommy and Allie doing our projects.......this probley should have been a Daddy party!

Pink Bob the Builder......AKA Allie!!

Allie was totally a cheater....Villard was giving her a talk!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Our nephew's football game!

Caleb is Steve and my oldest nephew. He has been playing flag football all fall and the kids and I were able to go see him play last week. He is going to be an outstanding athlete. I love watching him because he is so serious and into the game!

Treysen, Allie Caleb and Jonah after the game

The kids and I freezing our behind's off!!

The stud in action!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

So thankful for a healthy family...

Steve made homemade from scratch Apple pie

He also made my favorite Bailey's Chocolate cheesecake from scratch!!

Two sassy girls, love the outfit...thanks Villards!

Me and the HOT pastry chef

Allie loved the onion dip



Remember when we were kids and used to put on "shows" for our families...well our kids and nephews did that for us!

Amy, Ronya and I chatting while the boys helped dishes!!

Steve's 35th birthday!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Uncle Steve and Jonah....Shannon made cupcakes and Jonah was helping Uncle Steve blow out his candle!!


Jonah was so into his chop stix!

My dear friends surprise party!

"SURPRISE" Leisha was shocked! It was our kids first surprise party and Allie said after we left " I think I need a surprise party"

Leisha has been a close friend of mine since I've lived in Fresno. She is an amazing woman, always there for me when I have needed to laugh or have a good cry.

Leisha's yougest son Keith's girlfriend Jocelyn was Allie's best friend by the time we left.

Keith got this amazing cake for his Mom. Our kids loved it because a family is huge fans of the show Cake Boss. They thought maybe Buddy made the cake. They knew all the terms like.....modeling chocolate, fondante, buttercream!!