Friday, November 30, 2012

Football awards

At the end of football season they have an awards assembly. Treysen recieved the Coaches award from Coach Borman. He talked about how he loved Treysen's leadership skills, the he was a great kid on and off the field and the he has the kind of arm that you may see playing high school football down the road. So proud of our number 10!!

Care package with my Sis!

My parents headed down south a few weeks ago and I sent a little preggo care package to my sister!! Ginger Ale, Week by Week pregnancy book, Goodnight Ipad book, a comfy black thermal for her, a couple of onesies that say "I love my Aunt" and "My Auntie keeps the candy flowing" and of course what every pregnant woman craves...a McDonalds gift card!! Love you sister!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fresno State game with friends

Last weekend was Steve's birthday and we headed to the Fresno State game with some great friends. It was 70 degrees and a beautiful day!! Glad we were there to see FSU beat Air Force to win the Mountain West title!!!

Lunch & ice skating with The Machado's

Over Thanksgiving break we met up with our friends The Machado's. Keri and I took the kids to Doghouse for lunch then downtown to the outdoor ice rink for some fun! We all had a blast!! My kids loved skating and so did I!

Allie's soccer season

Allie had a very fun soccer season. She improved so much through the year. This was her last game, her coach told her to guard the girl that was taller than her by at least a head, Allie stuck with her!! She would even throw an elbow every now and again. The girl said to Allie "Oh, is that how you want to play?" Allie said "YES" So proud of our girl for getting out there and trying something new!!
Of course no season goes with out a pizza party and trophies!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A new baby is on it's way!!!

On September 14th I woke up to this text....As soon as I saw the first text I knew what it meant!! After I talked to my sister she then sent me the confirmation....I was more excited than I can express, but had to keep this secret for a while!!
This is our sweet new niece or nephew!!! I can not wait to meet him or her, kiss their cheeks, snuggle with them and basically give them everything they ask for, after all that's what Auntie's and Uncle's are for right?!?!
For those of you who know my sister and brother in law you know that they will be the most amazing parents! My sister is the most caring, selfless, compassionate people I know. From the time I had kids she stepped into her roll as the best aunt with such ease and pride. She is always puting EVERYONE before herself and is truly the most amazing woman I know. My brother in law going to be a unbelievable Dad. From the very first time we ever met him, 6 1/2 years ago he took Treysen and Allie to see the seals in La Jolla by himself...mind you Allie was almost two and Treysen was five we saw at that point that he was made to be a father. He makes my kids feel so special with his calls to say hes proud of them for special accomplishments. Here are just a few shots that sum up what incredible Aunt/Uncle they are and proof that the are going to be the best parents!!!
We love you Jill & Josh! We are so excited for you two & can't wait to meet your precious baby!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!! When I asked Allie what she wanted to be this year she did not skip a beat "An Angel" she said!! Treysen on the other hand I basically told he was going to be a doctor because he could wear me scrubs! He really wasn't into halloween but wanted to trick or treat. in our house, no costume=no trick or treating. We had a great day filled with lots of fun, food, friends & treats!!

Our flying chipmunk..

Since Gabby Douglas already claimed the name the flying Squirrel, we call Allie the flying Chipmunk!! She and her friend Riley started taking gymnastics over the summer and they love it!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our QB's last elementary football

Last Friday was Treysen's last elementary school football game, He has played quarterback for the past two years and really enjoyed it! The first few pictures are a sequence of Treysen dropping back, looking for a reciever, throwing a pass, it being caught and ran in for a TD!!
Treysen keeping warm, throwing with Papa
Treysen's buddy Keenan was over the weight limit for football. Keenan worked so hard to lose what he needed to in a healthy way. He made weight for the last game and we couldn't have been happier for him!
Treysen, Evan, Vito & Ashton
T & E
Evan, T and Trenton