Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Play ball!!! This is the first year Treysen has not known anyone on his baseball team, he was bummed at first but then I told him that he was on the DODGERS!! If you don't know we are huge Dodgers fans. Steve has always been a Dodgers fan and growing up my Dad was a huge Dodger fan, so we were thrilled as was Treysen! The league he plays in does a big opening day celebration. The player's walk in like a parade and are announced as they run across the field! They have a great BBQ lunch, bounce houses, face painting, base running competition, and homerun derby !! This was the first time Al has ever had her face painted....she looked like she was having a facial and almost fell asleep while they were painting then she LOVED it!! What a fun Saturday at the ballpark!

A day at the Zoo with Wesley

Let me start by saying that Wesley is like a nephew to Steve and I. We love him to pieces and Allison asked me to watch him last week. I asked if I could take him to the Zoo and she said he'd love it. I was so excited to go, it had been a long time since I've been to the Zoo and I loved going again with a sweet and adventerous 2 1/2 year old! He loved everything. He really wanted to see the snakes and I HATE snakes! We headed into the reptile house which made my skin crawl. Wesley kept saying "It's ok Natalie, just hold my hand. They won't get you" I totally took the reassurance from the 2 year old!! He loved feeding the giraffes but didnt really like them licking his hand. After the Zoo we went to grab lunch at McDonalds then straight home for a nap!! What a fun day with such a sweet boy!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheesecake Factory take-out tradition!!

These 3 girls are some of my closest friends. A couple of weeks ago Cherie had Austin and we have made it a tradition that after each one of us has a baby we get together for a girls night with the sweet bundle of joy! We grab Cheesecake Factory take-out, sit and chit-chat for hours till late in the night while taking turns snuggling with the new baby!! Love you girls and can't wait for the next baby to come along;)

The best Auntie and Uncle Joshy!!

I gotta give HUGE props to my Sister and Brother-in-law. They are absolutly the best, they always come for at least one game a season to see the kids play/cheer, they NEVER miss a birthday party for the kids and they make a 12 hour round trip drive to do it!!! It means the world to my kids and I just thought they deserved a

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kid's Day 2011

Every year in Fresno they have "Kid's Day"! It is a special edition of our newspaper and all the proceed's go to Children's Hospital of Central California. On the day they have thousands of volunteers on street corner's all across the Valley selling these's papers for $1. This year one of Treysen's buddies Mom's invited us to join them inselling the papers. We got up at 4:45 and met our friens at 5:30...we sold out by 8:00!! We are so very blessed to have this hospital right here in our town. Allie was a preemie and spent weeks in there NICU, Allie had surery a couple years ago there, our nephew Jonah was diagnosed and treated for lymphoma there and we have made countless trips to their ER with both kids!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Buggy!!

WOW, our first born is 10!!! How did this happen?? Treysen was pretty low key this year. He wanted a few buddie to go play laser tag. It was very fun the boys had a blast as did the adults!!! Happy 10th Birthday Treysen!

Welcome Mr. Austin Smittcamp!!

Last Sunday evening our sweet friends Blake and Cherie welcomed their second child....and it was a BOY!!! They did not know what they were having so we were all shocked because Cherie without a doubt thought it was another girl!! Austin is perfect and his sister was in love with him!

The Smittcamp's first family of 4 picture!

Ash, Cherie, Austin and I

YAY, The Visser's arrived now our foursome picture was complete!!

Bieber Fever!!!

When we heard the Justin Bieber movie was coming out I told Allie I would take her and the Thomas' girls!! On Sunday afternoon we met Cym and the girls to see the movie! As Mom's both Cym and I ejoyed it as much if not more than the kids!! The girls have "Bieber Fever" for sure now!!