Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wake Up Santa!

This past weekend was "Wake Up Santa" at the mall! Santa is sleeping in his cozy chair and Mrs. Clause reads a story to all the kids, then they "Wake Up Santa" for the holiday season!! My kids are getting so big so we really cherish these little traditions we have!!

A 2nd Grade match made in heaven!!

We seriously could not love Allie's teacher anymore....She is amazing!! Allie had this shirt and Ms. Norsigian would tell Allie and I every time she wore it that she wanted one. She asked for the number a bunch of times. So when her Birthday rolled around this was the perfect gift! After Allie gave it to her, she told Allie that on Friday they both needed to wear their matching shirts, jeans and their black converse!! It was too cute not to get a few pictures....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year the kids had Halloween day of from school. Allie and I made fun Halloween treats and Treysen went to hang out with some buddies then to his friend Parker's birthday party. I say that because Treysen did not feel like getting into costume because at the party he got a HUGE fat lip and hurt his tooth. (disclaimer for the jeans and football jersey)
We went to The Gordon's for pizza and Trick or Treating!! Allie was Alex from Wizards of Waverly place and Treysen was D. Jackson from the Eagles!

Treysen loved hanging out with Sammy and went door to door with him!
Allie and Ashlyn..the cutest ladybug!
Bumble Bee Claire and Al...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Twin day, Uncle Jim, and drinks with Mimi!!

It was twin day at school. Allie and her friend Jenna dressed up....are those the cutest girls ever?!?!

Uncle Jim came to T's game...
Mimi got Allie her first "virgin" drink...she loved it!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Allie's lunch date with Mr. Ryan

On the Mountain View campus, Mr. Ryan is one of the favorite's of all the kids. When carnival rolled around and we could bid on lunch with him, Allie was all over it. Mr. Ryan has a way of making each child on campus feel so special and loved! Allie had Ryan as one of her Campus Club teachers and every since has loved him. So after "winning" Lunch with him for Al, He went ALL out!! Lunch on the stage in the cafeteria while the other kids were eating. Table cloth, table decor, pizza, goblets to drink from, cupcakes, and goodie bags!!!! Allie felt like a princess and it was because Mr. Ryan made it so special for her!!!