Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pacific Grove trip with a tons of kids and two Mama's

In early August my good friend Cymblynne, her girls, my kids and Treysen's buddy Parker headed to the coast! Us Mama's startred with lunch at Bubba Gumps a favorite of everyone.
We had to have our yummy lava flows!!
Sweet friends!
Then we headed to Dennis the Menace park!! The kids had a blast!
The four oldest kids wanted to do the paddle boats! WE let them set out on the pond all by their selves...yes!! They loved it!
Lovin' on my Riley!
Ice cream before dinner, what vacations all about!
Next day we headed to Carmel. We met up with Grammie for a bit! We walked around window shopping before heading to the candy store...a big hit with the kids!
We ate lunch and I captured this moment...Parker got his first bowl of clam chowder and loved every last bite!! Love this kid!
After lunch we took a democratic vote on if we wanted to go to the beach or not..The beach won! Then another vote was taken, to wear swim suits or not. No swim suits won and oh my...we should have required it because lets just say they all ended up wet!! Cym and I got some yummy latte's and watched the kids play in the water and dig in the sand!
On our way out of Carmel there was a group protesting about something...there was tons of picketers and they were loud. Our kids could have driven to the coast seen this and come home. They were so into it. They all had there windows down...the random things that entertain kids!
Every morning Cym & I would walk to this bakery in PG. They have the best pastires I've ever had. The kids loved the donuts that were the size of their heads!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beach trip with a baseball tourney as well!

We headed to Pismo/San Luis for a baseball tournament at the end of the summer. Treysen's summer baseball team didn't do get but we sure had a great time!
This was the kids first trip to Splash Cafe!! It was yummy as always!
On the drive over we saw our friends the Luera's driving next to us. They joined us at Splash for lunch and then a stroll on the pier!
That evening we met up with our good friends the Bell's. We shopping at the outlets in Pismo then headed into San Luis for pizza at Woodstock's!
In Pismo the had a Coffee Bean much to our surprise!!
We spent all day friday at Avila beach! WE loved it and will go back for sure!
I had to include on baseball picture because that was what actually brought us to the coast!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Allie's 8th birthday

For Aliie's 8th birthday she invited a few friends and we headed to Skywalk. It is a indoor trampoline warehouse. It was so fun for the kids and adults too!! We then headed back to our house for cake and presents. Our family is slightly Dodgers obsessed and Allie requested a Dodgers cake!! Love my sweet girl. Happy 8th birthday!

First day of school 2012

First day of school 2012....Treysen is in 6th grade and has Mrs. Smith. Allie is in 3rd grade and has Mrs. Lozano. They both are looking forward to a great year!