Monday, November 15, 2010

Wake up, Santa!!

Every year our Mall does an event called "Wake Up, Santa!" The kids sit in front of Santa's house and Mrs. Claus reads the chldren a book when when she is finished she asks the kids to help her "wake up, Santa" The kids shout "wake up, Santa!!" Santa wakes up and sings jingle bells with them. They provide breakfast and Santa and Mrs. Claus walk around talking to the kids and taking pictures. This year our friends the Devany's joined us Russell who is almost 3 loved it and Tommy's was loving looking at Santa. The Villards also came and Steve had fun snuggling with Miss Gwyn!!

Above are the kids listening to the story!!

Kevin and Blakey

Treysen, Caleb, Allie and Russell

The annual picture with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Treysen, Caleb and Allie with Mrs. Claus

All the Farmer's and Devany kids!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chemo Cuts to support Jonah....

Last Wednesday evening we all headed out the Children's Hospital to have a Chemo cutting party with our nephew Jonah. For those of you who may not know he has cancer and is going through Chemo. The doctor said about 3 weeks from the start he would loose his hair and Last monday it started falling out. It was really bothering him and Steve, Treysen and Jim all said when it started to fall out they would all get the Jonah cut. My sister in laws Dad is a Hair Dresser so he set up shop and got to work!!

Before picture with hair...

Jonah wanted to sit on Shannon's lap and his Papa Chuck shaved his head

Uncle Jim was next...

Then went Steve...

And finally Treysen....

Treysen and Jonah showing off their new do's...

Brother's ban together for Jonah, what love!

What a good looking group of boys!!!

Two Cities Marathon!!

Way back in July I talked my girlfriend Cymblynne into training and running the Two Cities 1/2 Marathon in November. Once Cym was on board, I called my girlfriend Melissa who had done numerous Marathon's to see if she would help train us....She said yes, thank goodness.I hurt my knee in August and was only able to walk the 1/2 and talked my girlfriend Danielle into walking it with me. She was the best person to do this with. We laughed, whined and made fun of others a bit to keep ourselves moving but we finished!!! Steve and the kids came out to cheer us on at mile 5 and also at the finish line. My kids were so excited you'd thought I won an Emmy!!

Cym and I went to the pasta dinner the night before!!

The kids cheering us on At mile 5, Treysen gave us a piece of gum and Danielle and I thought it was the best tasting thing!! He told us it would help us breathe better, all we know is it got us through the next few miles till we bummed snacks off some people!!

Us at mile 5!!
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Were almost to the finish line!!!

Just after the race....what a great cheering section I had!

Halloween 2010

This is the first year we stayed in our neighborhood and went trick-or-treating!! Mimi, Papa, the Swearengens and us had a ball!! Happy Halloween!

The day before Halloween Allie and I had alot of parties to hit!! First we went to the Thomas' for a pumpkin carving party...AKA Mommy carved the pumpkin while Allie played. Next we headed to the Swearengen's to decorate Halloween cookies with Allison and Wesley. Finally we headed to the Villard's annual Haloween party!!! We had a lot of fun at all the events!!


In September Steve and I celebrated 10 years!! When we started to mull over what to do for our anniversary about mid September, I called his Mom to see if we could see their timeshare book. She called back 2 minutes later and said they had a week in Maui Oct 8-16 and asked if those days would work....OF COURSE WE MADE IT WORK!!! Our close friend Aron is a pilot so he got us "buddy passes" which meant flying stand by but at a very discounted rate!! As it turned out I got the last seat on the 1:30 flight out of LA to Maui. I was in the last row and the middle seat in between a married couple on their way home from Vegas in a HUGE fight but hey I was going to Maui. Steve got on the 5:30 flight, first class and made friends!!! I got our rental car, went to Costco and to the Kmart to get snacks and stuff we would need for the week. I was back in time to pick up Steve with a Lai in hand!! We had the best week. Loved the food, beach, water and of course the yummy tropical drinks. A big thanks to My Parents and Steve's Mom!!