Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day in the city & game 2!

We slept in after a fun, late night! Then we met Pat & Keri at Mama's for breakfast. Mama's is a yummy breakfast place in the city that we love. The downfall is you have to wait in line, we waited for an hour and forty minutes.It was well worth the wait. Then we headed to some of the Machado's friends place because they were celebrating a birthday before the game. After that we headed to our hotel to get ready for game 2! Then we headed to the Park. We got to the game earlier so we could see the Dodgers warm up. I love seeing them in person! The first 3 innings were painful...I asked Steve many times if we could leave. Then the game turned into a a close battle, which ended with another walk off homerun by the Giants:-( Oh well, it was a fun weekend!!