Sunday, June 2, 2013

My surprise birthday lunch!

On May 7th my girlfriend Sabrina had invited me to go to lunch for my birthday! We decided to go to Max's, one of my favorite lunch places. She said she wanted to do it before my birthday because of my sister being due a week after my birthday. She didnt want me to be gone early and not get to celebrate. I walked in to meet her and was looking down at my phone, much to my shock when I looked up was 6 of my sweet friends!! I was shocked! One of my closes friends Danielle and Sabrina worked together to set up this sweet lunch! Danielle moved to Corona Del Mar in Feb, so I was really shocked to see her standing there. It meant the world to me that Sabrina and Danielle set this up. It was a wonderful afternoon full of friends, great food and blueberry martinis!! My girlfriend Alli had just had twins weeks prior and my friend Nanita has a busy work schedule so the fact that they took time out of their busy schedules to spend this special time with me meant a lot! The very best thing I got out of working For Omni for 3 years was my friend Jessica!! She is the sweetest, most caring, down to earth girl and I couldn't have been happier that she used her lunch hour to come!! These girls know me well and for dessert they had Dodgers cookies made!!

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mark lawrence said...

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