Thursday, June 6, 2013

Andrew Broxton has arrived!!

Last Monday morning I flew from Fresno to San Diego bright & early because my sister was being induced!! I was so excited I could not sleep even though my alarm was going to go off at 4:15am. I got to SD, Mimi & Papa picked me up and we headed to the hospital. In the time I was up in the air, Jill got an epidural. She was in great spirits. Josh was so excited for the process to get going too & he was also very happy to see Jill more comfortable! My sister was so amazing. She had a realitivly smooth labor...she progressed quickly and baby Andrew looked great! My poor sister pushed for 4 hours & 15 minutes!!! YES, 4 hours and 15 minutes...Crazy but she was so strong and didnt give up! Josh was the best support for her and her biggest cheerleader! The people next door must have thought he was watching the NBA playoff game and cheering them on! Andrew Broxton Halsey was born on May 27 at 9:03 pm!! He weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches!! He is perfect in every way! I could not be more happy for my sister and brother-in-law!!! It was so fun snuggling with him! We also did a little photo shoot action while they were still in the hospital!!

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